Friday, October 17, 2014

Glorious Fiber

 Fiber, ahh that lovely, but ever so vague, fiber. "Is this," one may ask, "like the fibers of my pants, or the fiber arts?" No, this is fiber, as in roughage, as in the plant matter in vegetables, grains, and fruits. It must be added that this is far preferable to fiber, as in Metamucil, slippery elm bark, or psyllium husks, though they have their place of value. The advised path is to stick with the fruit, vegetable and grain fibers, at every meal, to support good health and interestingly enough, to help fight cancers.

The fibrous part of plants serves many purposes for the plants and for humans. For instance, the bulk of an orange's vitamin C content is actually in the fibrous white lining of the peel, so eat that for your 'C' rather than drinking orange juice. Eating the 'whole' edible part of the plant ensures that you get the full nutrient content as well as any beneficial medicinal content. Also of great importance is the fact that the plant fiber helps keep your intestines and bowel scrubbed clean of fecal matter and other toxic build-up, which could otherwise poison your body, and even cause cancer.

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