Friday, September 2, 2016


1. Get good quality sleep and enough of it:
The effect that sleep deprivation has on a person is well documented, and sleeping even one less hour than needed per night will decrease your coordination, concentration, and ability to focus. Also, when you are sleep deprived, you are more likely to overeat, falsely looking for food energy to make up for lost sleep. 
 If adequate sleep is an issue for you, be sure to make transition time in the evening to prepare for sleep by having an unwinding or relaxing ritual, such as several hours of relaxing, calming reading material, music, or other soothing activities.  Do not race up to bedtime with agitating TV shows or other stimulating activities.  Your body needs time to unwind from the busyness of the day and to withdraw from the hyperstimulation of our world.  . And, by the way, sleep needs to happen in the dark. Even a small amount of light can prevent melatonin production in the body. For more information, please read my  melatonin newsletter. 
And, if needed to help you achieve a good nights sleep, two of my favorite natural sleep aids are Kavinace & Tryptophan .
2. Eat healthy, eat slowly:
 Not only is it important that you eat healthful whole foods and avoid processed foods as often as possible, you should also make time for yourself to make, or procure meals and consume them in leisure.  It is important to eat slowly, chewing each mouthfull of food until it is completely pulverized and liquid, before swallowing it.  This practice alone, will help you with weight control,  help you to extract more nutrients from your food, and decrease indigestion and other gastrointestinal symptoms. 
Surprisingly, diet sodas often add to weight gain so better no sodas at all.   Use green tea for your non water drinks when trying to lose weight. Green tea helps to stimulate metabolism.  Use NuNatural NuStevia for your sweetener as is a non bitter stevia product.  Stevia is blood sugar stablizing.
If persistent weight problems plague you and nothing seems to help you lose weight, you could have food allergies or candida interfering with your weight loss efforts.
If you need to lose more than 20 pounds, you may want to look into using Mediral HCG drops to help with this.  You can find details of the HCG diet by searching the internet.  For more about the details of this weight loss concept see Dr.Simeons discussion about how weight loss works with HCG at
You may not have time to make three gourmet meals for yourself, but that's ok. Having a fruit and protein smoothie for one meal is perfectly acceptable, as is preparing foods such as soups, stir-fries, rice and vegetable dishes, etc., to take with you for lunch. Try to consume all cooked foods within 12 to 34 hours of preparing them. Many also do very well with only 2 meals daily.
3. Make time for yourself:
It is essential for your well being that there is time in your schedule for you to you devote to yourself. How you use that time is up to you – whether you spend that time pursuing healing therapies, taking long walks in the park, playing games, playing with a child or pet, listening to calming beautiful music, knitting sweaters, reading books, or relaxing in your bathtub, the important thing is that you find the time for just be in the moment with whatever is your relaxation.
4. Be regularly active:
 Adapt a routine of physical activity that you enjoy. Stress relieving activities such as yoga, swimming, walking, running, dancing , tai chi, a favorite sport,  are to the benefit of everyone. Create a regular schedule, write down when and how you will exercise, just as you schedule other activities in your daily life.  If not, you may  find  at the end of the day you have totally forgotten to treat yourselves to the hoped  for  physical activity.
5. Spend time in the company of others whom you enjoy:
If you don't have as much social time in your life as you would like, find new activities, join new groups, or begin creating more time to spend with your friends. The benefits of friendship and a support system are numerous and include increased longevity and health.

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