Thursday, April 10, 2014

30 Day Fitness Plans

To start, you should chose a fitness plan that appeals to you. Are you interested in cardio and weight training? Yoga or pilates? Walking or running? Once you know what you’d like to start with, honestly evaluate your current physical condition and your health. Those with health conditions would do well to consult their physician about any limitations or risks they need to take into consideration.

Here is a quick peek at a 30 Day Fitness Plan focused on walking:
First week: Take a 15 minute walk five days of the week. Keep the pace gentle and remember to stretch each time.  This is building up your baseline.
Second week: Take a 20 minute walk five days a week. Amp the pace up to moderate after the first five minutes of your walk (you should still be able to converse, but not sing). Keep stretching, and add an abdominal exercise routine 3x per week.
Third week: Take a 25 minute walk five days a week. Keep at a moderate pace.  Continue stretching and ab workouts.
Fourth week: Take a 30 minute moderate-paced walk five days a week. Continue with stretching and ab workouts.
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