Thursday, May 15, 2014

Stay Fit without Breaking the Bank

Getting fit is something on many people’s to-do list, but a similar number of people have money saving goals as well. It can be hard to make the two goals fit when getting fit so often comes in the guise of spending money on gym memberships, personal fitness trainers, special workout gear and clothing, dietary supplements, etc. The following are several ways in which you can focus on your fitness goals without jeopardizing your financial goals:
Join gyms when they are running a special. You can also attempt to negotiate a discounted rate. Sometimes you can get discounts through affiliate programs with other groups, or you can find limited memberships available that are good during certain hours only or limit the locations you can visit.
Bike to work. You will get in shape and save money on a daily basis. Some companies even offer incentives to their employees who bike to work. If work is too far away, try organizing outings with friends, like bike rides in the park. You get a workout and you won’t be tempted to make plans that involve spending money on food, coffee, or shopping.
Make the most of your home gym. You don’t need big fancy equipment or a personal trainer. From resistance bands to Wii Fit to home workout videos, you should be able to find plenty of exercises that never require you to leave your living room.
Workout in the name of charity. Entry into charity runs, marathons, triathlons, and similar events can be pricey, but if you coordinate with a nonprofit organization to raise money for them then you can usually enter for minimal cost. Not only will you have a little built-in motivation and a cheering section, but you’ll be able to make a difference by raising money and awareness for your cause.
Know when to spend your money and when to save it. A good pair of running shoes, an mp3 player, a portable heart monitor, and cold weather running gear. All of these things can be very valuable things to spend your money on because they help keep you on your path to fitness. Spending some money on your goal will likely be necessary; just make sure that you’re not needlessly shelling out bucks for something you won’t need or use.
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