Thursday, September 17, 2015

Quick Energy Boosters

Finding the time to get through your insanely long to-do list is one thing, but finding the energy is another challenge altogether. If we had a fraction of the energy required to get done all that we needed and wanted to do, then we probably wouldn’t be human. We have to do the best we can with what energy we’ve got. There are some quick ways, however, to boost our existing cache of energy in hopes of checking a few more items off that never-ending list.
Don’t skip meals. 40% of your blood sugar is used for brain function, so if you’re not eating enough, you won’t be thinking clearly. Start your day with a balanced breakfast of fruit, whole grains and protein, and then eat a little something every 3 hours or so.  Supplement with a minimum of a good multivitamin mineral product daily with breakfast and dinner.
Drink plenty of water. Dehydration slows everything down. If you must have caffeine, try to limit your intake to a cup of coffee in the morning and a glass of iced tea in the afternoon. Drink water in between.  Be aware that alcohol is also dehydrating.
Pack in the protein. Snacking on things like nuts, yogurt, or cottage cheese throughout the day will elevate your metabolism, stabilize your blood sugar, and stave off fatigue. A Creatine Whey Protein Powder combined with a heaping teaspoon of D-Ribose can be a quick and lasting energizer, as well as assuaging the appetite.   It tastes good, so can be mixed with water if you don’t want the extra calories of mixing with rice milk, soy milk, etc. 
Lower your expectations. Make compromises instead of setting unrealistic goals. You are not Mary Poppins, and striving for such perfectionism will only result in feeling guilty when you fall short. Take things one step at a time and let yourself know that it’s okay if you don’t get everything done (and perfectly). Make lists and prioritize.  You will find that some lower priority items will fall away from being important.
Organize your environment. Bins, hooks and cubbyholes designated for items that would typically clutter chairs and counter tops will not only make your home/work space neater, it will also improve your mental energy. When your eyes are taking in items strewn all over the place, your brain becomes overwhelmed by all that visual stimulation and suddenly your to-do list gets longer.
Try some quick Chinese medicine. Rub your ears gently from lobes to tips. This will awaken your organs and redirect energy upward toward your head when you’re beginning to feel it all drag downward.
Take five. Isolate yourself, even if you have to go sit in your car, and just be quiet and take deep breaths for a few minutes. Make sure your cell phone is turned off.

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