Friday, December 31, 2010

Caring for Those Who Don't Care…

For those of us that have experienced it, there are few things more challenging, more heartbreaking and that requires more strength and conviction than caring for a loved one with depression. Natural treatments for depression and low moods have come a long way in recent years - but they can still take a while to work. Today we check out some of the points it is essential to keep in mind if you are caring for a depressed person.

Look into drug free treatment of depression
Many depressed people fervently hate taking medication - it makes their bodies feel alien and their thoughts seem to belong to somebody else. Looking into drug free treatment of depression and consulting with their physician about how to incorporate it into their routine might be the best thing you can do. There are plenty of alternative health care products that can help.
Understand the illness
Depression is not just somebody seeking attention, somebody being stubborn, or something that people can snap out of if they don't like. You cannot help somebody with depression if these things are going through the back of your mind … even if you don't say them.
Try to find out the 'focus' of their depression
Did they recently lose a job? Suffer a relationship breakup? Lose contact with a child? Are they grieving? Do they believe that they are unlikeable, etc? Knowing the focus of their depression can help you find positive ways to convince them that it is unfounded - in a gentle and constructive way.
Know that just being there helps
It can be extremely frustrating trying to care for somebody that doesn't care. Know that just being there is helping them - even if they act as if it’s the complete opposite.
Find a way to exercise with them
Mild to moderate exercise has enormous therapeutic potential for mild to moderate depression. Try to get your loved one out for a walk round the block every day. Many depressed people enjoy the company of animals - duck ponds, seagull feeding or dog walking is perfect.
If you can't go the distance, find someone who can
If you start caring for someone that is depressed and then decide it is too hard, it will only reinforce their ideas about humanity in general. Only those that are very close to a depressed person should be involved with them.

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