Friday, December 31, 2010

Natures Alternative to Illness

Several years ago when I was diagnosed with a mild case of depression, the doctor I trusted put me on a prescription medication that kept my head in a daze for most of the day. I didn’t like that feeling and decided to check into a drug free treatment of depression and found the answer for this and many other illnesses that I had always treated with modern medicine.

I had no idea there was a natural treatment of health conditions for just about every kind of illness and disease known. I wondered why I had never been shown this type of treatment before by my doctor because these treatments are less expensive and much better for your body than modern medical treatments that are manmade.

Once I found these alternative health products I started doing a lot of research. I found treatments for arthritis, in which both of my parents suffer from. I purchased the supplements and took them to my parents to try. After a month of using the natural treatment supplements, both my parents felt better and had more pain free use of their knees, shoulders, and hands. It really was amazing to see how well the natural treatment worked compared to the manmade treatment.

After doing extensive research I have found a natural treatment for almost every known disease or illness that humans suffer from. I don’t know why more people aren’t informed about these treatments but it almost seems like modern medicine is trying to keep this a secret from us all. I am happy to say that the mild depression I was diagnosed with is being treated successfully with a drug free treatment of depression that doesn’t give me a dazed feeling and allows me to continue my everyday routine. I am very thankful for finding these natural alternatives and have been spreading the news to everybody I know.

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