Friday, December 31, 2010

Eat Soup, Lose Weight, Gain Control

Emotional eating happens. When we feel bad, some of us head for the kitchen to console ourselves with cookies, ice cream, cheesecake, chocolate, and lots of other goodies that really are not good for us. Alas, while this may lift our mood quickly, afterwards we tend to feel even worse. And the pounds stay with us. We feel even more depressed just looking in the mirror.

Breaking the Feel Bad/Eat Bad Cycle

Over the last year, I’ve been in a group of 12 women who are encouraging each other to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. One of the first things that became obvious to me was the clear connection between our weight and feeling good about ourselves. As the pounds came off, we talked more about wanting to feel better and look better. As we felt better about ourselves, we could keep the commitment to our health. There was a definite positive feedback cycle!

Most of us have now shed over 20 pounds each and bought new clothes and feeling more energy! We know that having that commitment to health is central. Yet frankly, we floundered trying to figure out how to lose that poundage in a healthy, safe way that does not leave us feeling irritable, deprived, or depleted. We shared emails and tips about diets and alternative health products until we found something that really worked.

See Immediate Success

Then I came across a soup diet from Dr. Priscilla Slagle in one of her free alternative medicine newsletters. As a soup and vegetable lover, this was a welcome delight! The reason this approach really helped is that I saw immediate success in just one week. The soup itself is called the Sacred Heart Basic Fat Burning Soup (from a hospital program of the same name), and the complete diet can be found here.

I followed her instructions to alternate up to two weeks on the soup diet with two weeks on until I lost all the weight I wanted. The soup has very little protein, so it cannot be used long-term. I also took nutritional supplements since, as with any diet (including my normal one), it is not always balanced. Dr. Slagle suggests taking a good Multivitamin Mineral, at least 1000 mg Vitamin C, Essential Fatty Acids, such as Epa-625, or Flax Seed Oil & a good multi-amino-acid product such as All Basic plus.

Feeling Lighter and Lighter

The thing that is so great is that I could eat as much of this soup as I wanted to! I did not have to starve myself. The wonderful thing is that the more of it you eat, the more weight you will lose. It has been a real boost to feel my clothes getting too big for me and to feel lighter in more ways than one! Natural treatment for health conditions, including being overweight, has helped me regain control of life.

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